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Guide Lines

Objects which are prohibited in sterile areas and in aircraft cabins

a) Pistols, fire arms and other weapons
any object which is able or appears to be able to fire a bullet or cause injury including:
all fire arms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc..);
reproduction and imitation fire arms;
Components of fire arms (with the exception of telescopic lens devices and ALZI);
Air and pellet pistols and rifles;
flare guns;
Starter guns;
Play guns of any type;
Ball bearing guns;
industrial pistols with arrows and staple guns
sling shots
Spear guns and underwater guns;
Instruments for killing animals painlessly (humane killers);
Stun guns or shocking devices such as electric cattle prods, energy projected ballistic arms (laser);
Lighters in the form of firearms;
b) Sharp or edged weapons or cutting objects
pointed objects with blades which can cause injury including:
axes and hatchets;
darts and arrows;
Ice axes or picks (pointed tools)
Ice skates
Pocket knives or knives with blades of any length
Knives, including ceremonial knives, with blades equal or in excess of 6 cm. in metal or any other material sufficiently robust to be considered potential weapons;
Butcher’s cleavers
straight razors and blades (except safety razors or disposable razors with the blade incorporated into the body
Sabres, swords and sword-canes
Scissors with blades in excess of 6 cm in length
Ski poles and walking sticks or for excursions
pointed or sharp edged tools that could be used as arms such as drills and drill points, cutters, knives, utensils, all saws, screwdrivers, wrecking bars, hammers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, flame throwers ;
c) any blunted instrument which might cause injury including;
baseball or softball bats;
rigid or flexible bats or sticks, , such as bludgeons , Billy clubs and similar objects;
cricket bats;
golf clubs;
hockey sticks;
oars for kayaks and canoes;
skate boards;
billiard cues and similar objects;
fishing rods;
equipment for martial arts, such as bats, blunted objects throwing stars, nunchucks, kubatons, kubasaunts.
d) Explosives and inflammable substances
any explosive or highly flammable substance which poses a risk for the health and safety of passengers and crew or for the security or the aircraft, including:
Detonators and fuses;
Explosives and explosive devices;
Reproductions or imitations of explosive devices;
Mines and other military explosive supplies;
Grenades of any kind;
Gas and gas containers, such as butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen (in large quantities)
Fire works, flares of any type and other pyrotechnical articles including , petards, toy cartridges;
Matches (unless they are safety matches);
Smoke bombs or cartridges;
Inflammable liquid combustibles such as petrol, diesel, lighter fluid, alcohol and ethanol;
Aerosol spray paint;
Turpentine, or paint solvents;
Alcoholic beverages over 70° proof;
e) Chemical or toxic substances
acids or alkali such as “wet spillable batteries;
corrosive or bleaching substances such as mercury and chlorine bleach;
disabling or immobilising sprays, such as mace, pepper spray, tear gas
radioactive material such as medicinal or commercial isotopes;
infective or dangerous material, such as infected blood, bacteria and virus;
spontaneous combustion materials;
f) Liquids - in the event the exceed the quantities provided for in regulation 1545/2006
water and other beverages;
gel (including hair gel and shower gel)
paste (including tooth paste)
contents of pressurised containers (including shaving cream, and deodorants)
any other substance of similar consistency
Prohibited items for checked baggage
Explosives, including detonators, fuses, grenades, mines and explosives;
Compressed gas (inflammable, non-inflammable, refrigerating, irritating and poisonous) such as camping gas, spray cans for personal defence, rocket launchers and starter pistols;
Inflammable substances/liquids including alcohol over 70° proof;
Infective or poisonous substances;
Corrosive substances;
Radioactive substances
Oxidising substances
Magnetized substances;
Alarm devices;
Underwater torches with batteries inserted.
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ICAO airport code: LIRN

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