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Naples Airport
Naples Airport
Naples Airport
Naples Airport

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Naples Airport, also known as Capodichino Airport (IATA: NAP) . It’s well organized and connected to the Center of the City with public transportation. Naples Airport located 5.9 km north-northeast of the city in the Capodichino district of Naples. A large number of facilities are available at Naples Airport for the people who come here. It is important to keep in mind that this is not a large airport and it has only one terminal. This terminal is responsible for handling the domestic flights as well as international flights.
Naples Airport
Naples Airport
Naples Airport
The airport is operated by GE.S.A.C., a corporation partially owned by the British airport company BAA.

Naples Airport management company is fully responsible for managing the airport and co-ordinating and control activities of all the private operators present in the airport. Capodichino hosts some aeronautical industrial activities, like Atitech, Alenia Aeronautica, Aeronavali, Tecnam Costruzioni Aeronautiche. The Capodichino airport is still today a military air base (Italian Air Force 5° Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Unit – US Navy Support Base and Air Terminal).

Many people who travel to Italy for a vacation like to visit the biggest cities including Rome and Milan, but Naples is another large metropolis that you should consider if you want a great place for things to see and do. This centuries-old city has plenty to offer whether you’re looking for great sightseeing of monuments from yesteryear such as the site of the Pompeii volcanic eruption, or some of the best restaurants open today in the place that invented pizza.

Thankfully getting to Naples from most countries around the world is simple because the city has a dedicated airport, known as Naples International Airport, that processes almost 10 million passengers per year. They get to experience state-of-the-art facilities spread across two central terminals that cater to a wide range of airlines serving destinations local and international. Among the most popular destinations that people travel to and from via Naples International Airport are many European cities and airports, such as Milan, London, Munich, Barcelona airport, and a host of other Italian destinations including Venice, Rome airport, Turin and Bergamo.

Naples International Airport, it’s the sixth busiest airport in Italy with nearly 10 million passengers.

To get to Naples via taxi, from Naples Airport it takes about 20 min without traffic and will cost about €16 euro.

Naples International Airport is known by two codes used for airport travel; its International Air Transport Association code is NAP while its International Civil Aviation Organization is LIRN, so if you’re shopping for flights then you can try putting both codes in when asked for an airport. That also explains why you will see NAP or LIRN printed on your flight tickets.
The airport started in 1943 when it was used as an airfield for the military during World War Two. It was useful to the military effort because of its close proximity to Naples, being located roughly 2.3 miles (or 5.9 kilometers) from the city. These days that short distance to Naples is just as useful, but now that proximity benefits tourist and business travelers instead.

Airport Summary

IATA: Airport code: NAP
ICAO: Airport code: LIRN
Type: Public
Operator: GE.S.A.C.
Serves: Naples, Italy
Location: Capodichino
Focus city for:

  • easyJet
  • Ryanair
  • Volotea


Naples Airport has one terminal for all flights. read more

Banks & ATM 

If you’re traveling and need to withdraw some money for your holiday, or want to exchange some cash, then you have options within the airport. There are several ATMs located throughout the airport that where you can withdraw local currency, although note that conversion rates to whatever home country your bank is registered in will apply. Other options include a number of bureau de change offices located in the airport with reasonable currency conversion rates, as well as a small bank and also a post office where you can obtain money.

Airport Statistics

Opening hours: 24 hours a day
Check-in desks: 144
Ranking: 27th busiest airport in Europe.
Terminals: 2

Food & Drink

Whether you’re looking for a quick fast food snack or a sit-down full-service meal while waiting for your flight, Naples International Airport has a huge range of places to eat and drink.
The food options are divided between those available before security, and those you can only access once you’ve checked in with your flight and have cleared security. Some of the options that are currently available in Terminal one before security. see the list

 wi-fi / Internet

Naples International Airport has four Internet access points located on the first floor of the Departures lounge that are equipped with PCs, keyboards, and even web-cams.

On-site Information

Once at the airport, if you find you are lost or need assistance with finding anything, you can ask the helpful staff at one of the airport information kiosks located throughout the facility. Certain kiosks are dedicated to providing information about the airport, and at these you can get the latest details on what’s going on in the airport, up-to-the-minute flight departure and arrival time. Other kiosks serve a primary goal of providing details for tourists about Naples, including information on how to get to the city, hotels, and activities to do during your vacation.


If you’re driving your own car to the airport to drop someone off or pick them up, or if someone is coming to collect you, then cars can be left in the short-term lot for parking that costs €3.50 every hour for the first two hours, €6 for six hours, and €25 for 24 hours of parking. Alternatively, if you need to park your car for several days during your trip, long-term parking is available at a price of €14 for one day, and €12 for every additional day. read more


Many airline passengers like to kill time at the airport waiting for their flights by browsing shops, and Naples International Airport has a great selection for you to choose from. Terminal One is home to a variety of shops at the Galleria Napoli shopping arcade. Before passing through security there are several shops

 Lost And Found

For those passengers who arrive at the airport and are unable to locate their luggage after processing through customs, there is a 24-hour lost and found office that will work with you to locate your bags no matter where they might be. Once at the airport and in the main arrivals building, simply follow the signs to lost and found where staff will be able to help you.

Telephone number: +39 (0) 81 789 6765 and 6766

Public transportation

There are two main transportation options available at the airport, both with different prices, and benefits and drawbacks depending on how your travel preferences. Although there is no train service from the airport to Naples, you can take a taxi or bus.

• Bus: Follow the signs for the ANM bus line at the airport and take this route directly into Naples, where it will drop you off at the city’s central train station or the harbor. This will be much cheaper than taking a taxi, but you can expect the journey to take much longer. read more

• Taxi: Alternatively, you can follow signs for taxis and take those to get to Naples. The benefit of a taxi ride is that it is dedicated solely to you and the driver will take you directly to the door of wherever you’re staying. The downside is that it will be much more expensive than the bus, and the price will depend on your location as taxis in and around Naples use meters to charge. read more

Rental Cars

A number of major international car rental firms do business at the airport, and you can find them by following the signs to the rental car desks in the arrivals part of Terminal 1. Among the companies that operate at Naples International Airport are: Avis, Hertz, Sixt and Europcar.