Naples Airport to Positano

Know Before You Fly: Transfer Options From Naples Airport To Positano

Naples Airport to Positano

Positano, a beautiful village on the waterfront of southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast, is gaining in popularity every year with tourists who come to discover its charming centuries-old buildings, laid-back style, and a moderate Mediterranean climate that makes it perfect for a vacation whether it’s for unwinding in the sun or enjoying a number of outdoor activities.

The only slight issue with getting to Positano is the fact that it is a somewhat remote village compared to major metropolitan tourism spots in Italy including Rome, Milan, Italy and Naples. Thankfully for those interested in staying in the village, there are public and private transportation options available to get there from Naples International Airport.

Because the airport has great connections to many parts of Europe and beyond, it’s possible for people from all over the world to fly to Naples and then the only decision to make is how they want to get to the village. Each choice, from taxis to buses to ferries, have their perks and their drawbacks, so read the guide below to help inform your decision for getting to Positano.

Naples Airport to Positano by Taxi

Positano is about 61 kilometers (almost 38 miles) from Naples International Airport, and driving the distance between the two locations typically takes about 80 minutes — though it can take more or less time depending on the time of day and associated traffic levels.

A major benefit of taking a taxi is that you have a dedicated car for just you and your passengers, and you can rest assured that your luggage is safely secured in the trunk of the taxi. In addition, your driver will take you to your hotel or other final destination in Positano so you’ll have door-to-door service, rather than public transportation that might drop you far from wherever you’re staying. If convenience is your biggest priority, a taxi could be the best choice.

However, expect to pay a relatively high fare to get from the airport to the village, as taxis do not charge a flat pre-agreed fee for getting to Positano and instead will base the charge on a meter that calculates the total cost based on distance. The average fare to the village is about €90 but it can be higher or lower depending on exactly where it is that you are staying. Also note that drivers might add on charges for extra luggage or long waiting times.
To find the taxis, simply follow the signage at the airport for the designated taxi area and join the queue there. Never accept a ride from anyone who approaches you at the airport promising lower fares; these are unlicensed drivers and it’s unsafe to ride with them.

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Naples Airport to Positano Private Car

Another option similar to a taxi but more expensive is to take a private car; it has all the same benefits of taking a taxi but you’ll find that these cars tend to be of higher quality and the driver will likely greet you at the luggage claim and help with taking your bags to the car. Another benefit is that if you book in advance, private car companies will typically quote you a fixed fare for your trip. But the added comfort and convenience of traveling this way comes with an increased cost, so you can expect to pay €150 or more for a one-way journey.

Naples Airport to Positano by Ferry

A cheaper and more leisurely way to travel from Naples International Airport to Positano is by taking a ferry from Sorrento. This can be a very picturesque way to get to the village because the boat will slowly approach and you can get some great photographs of your arrival, particularly on days when the weather is nice and the sun is shining.

However, it is considered the least convenient way to get to Positano from the airport because the ferry does not leave from there and instead you’ll have to do some additional travel after your flight lands in order to catch the ferry. The first step once you’ve collected your luggage is to look for the airport signs guiding you to the buses. Once at the bus area you need to find the Curreri Viaggi bus that will you ride to the pier in Sorrento. A one-way ticket costs €10 and you should buy the ticket from the bus driver, and remember to bring cash to pay for it. The bus line operates from 9am to 7.30pm every day, and there can be long wait times between services.

Once you get off the bus at Sorrento Pier you then need to buy a ticket for the ferry to Positano, which costs an addition €12 for a one-way journey. Tickets for the ferry can be bought before your holiday online, or you can buy one at pier at the ticket kiosk instead. The ferry operates from 8.35am to 7.40pm every day, and wait times between services can be up to 4 hours.

As you might imagine with all the extra travel steps, this is by far the least convenient way to travel to Positano and your total journey time will be roughly 2 hours or more. And then once you’re in the village you’ll still have to walk or take a taxi to your hotel or other accommodation.

Naples Airport to Positano Bus

A more convenient, but still cheap, public transportation option is to take a bus from Naples International Airport to Positano. It’s slightly inconvenient in that it requires two bus journeys and a transfer, but it’s much cheaper than a taxi for a total cost of €12.

Because there isn’t a bus that travels directly from the airport to the village, you’ll have to first get on board the bus labeled for Curreri Viaggi at the airport and ride this to Sorrento Station. This leg of the journey costs €10, and you can buy this ticket on the bus for cash. The Curreri Viaggi bus operates from 9am through to 7.30pm every day

Once the Curreri Viaggi bus arrives at Sorrento Station you have to get off and then with your luggage transfer to the bus labeled SITA that will take you to Positano. This ticket will cost €2 and you must purchase it in advance from a news kiosk or similar shop at Sorrento Station, ideally for cash, because SITA tickets cannot be bought on the bus. You can catch the SITA bus every day, starting at 6.30am and finishing at 10pm.

Although this is a very cheap way to travel, it is also somewhat time consuming the transfer and waiting for buses, so you can expect it to take at least 2 hours.