Naples Airport Weather

Naples Weather Forecast

Current temperature 27.96 ℃

Sunrise 03:46 AM UTC, Sunset 18:31 PM UTC

Date Time Conditions Temperature Wind Humidity
00:00 clear sky 27.52 ℃ 1.94 meter/sec 63%
03:00 clear sky 26.33 ℃ 1.28 meter/sec 65%
06:00 clear sky 26.59 ℃ 0.65 meter/sec 58%
09:00 clear sky 28.95 ℃ 2.69 meter/sec 51%
12:00 clear sky 29.58 ℃ 4.81 meter/sec 51%
15:00 clear sky 28.92 ℃ 5.28 meter/sec 53%
18:00 clear sky 27.31 ℃ 3.68 meter/sec 60%
21:00 clear sky 26.16 ℃ 2.75 meter/sec 65%
00:00 clear sky 25.19 ℃ 1.06 meter/sec 69%
03:00 clear sky 24.63 ℃ 0.9 meter/sec 72%
06:00 clear sky 25.22 ℃ 1.57 meter/sec 69%
09:00 clear sky 27.02 ℃ 3.56 meter/sec 65%
12:00 clear sky 28.01 ℃ 4.1 meter/sec 57%
15:00 clear sky 28.16 ℃ 3.91 meter/sec 55%
18:00 clear sky 27.02 ℃ 2.82 meter/sec 61%
21:00 clear sky 25.91 ℃ 2.43 meter/sec 64%
00:00 clear sky 25.37 ℃ 1.21 meter/sec 72%
03:00 clear sky 24.86 ℃ 0.61 meter/sec 75%
06:00 clear sky 25.51 ℃ 1.33 meter/sec 71%
09:00 clear sky 27.43 ℃ 3.28 meter/sec 61%
12:00 clear sky 28.35 ℃ 3.71 meter/sec 58%
15:00 clear sky 28.43 ℃ 3.61 meter/sec 55%
18:00 clear sky 27.48 ℃ 1 meter/sec 56%
21:00 overcast clouds 26.79 ℃ 1.68 meter/sec 60%
00:00 overcast clouds 25.9 ℃ 2.61 meter/sec 67%
03:00 clear sky 25.05 ℃ 2.42 meter/sec 68%
06:00 clear sky 25.72 ℃ 2.61 meter/sec 65%
09:00 clear sky 27.36 ℃ 3.53 meter/sec 61%
12:00 clear sky 28.53 ℃ 5.2 meter/sec 60%
15:00 clear sky 27.77 ℃ 4.01 meter/sec 64%
18:00 clear sky 27.34 ℃ 2.78 meter/sec 66%
21:00 broken clouds 26.73 ℃ 1.39 meter/sec 69%
00:00 scattered clouds 26.03 ℃ 1.34 meter/sec 71%
03:00 few clouds 25.65 ℃ 1.13 meter/sec 70%
06:00 clear sky 26.66 ℃ 0.81 meter/sec 61%
09:00 clear sky 29.19 ℃ 2.28 meter/sec 53%
12:00 clear sky 29.81 ℃ 5.32 meter/sec 56%
15:00 clear sky 28.94 ℃ 5.26 meter/sec 63%
18:00 clear sky 28.13 ℃ 3.37 meter/sec 63%
21:00 clear sky 26.72 ℃ 2.42 meter/sec 72%

Naples Airport Weather

Traveling Through Italy: All You Need To Know About Naples’ Climate

Great weather is one of the biggest attractions that brings people to Naples, and helps to explain why this amazing city is fast becoming one of the most popular places to visit. Naples is located in the country’s south and lies on the Bay of Naples, and its location means that throughout the year it enjoys the moderate temperatures of the Mediterranean region.

There are many reasons to visit this city, ranging from the outstanding historical sites like the ruins of the city of Pompeii that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius through to some of the greatest art museums operating today. And this is also the birthplace of the Neapolitan pizza, so you’re guaranteed great food and drink when visiting Naples.

Thankfully, because the temperatures in and around the city never reach wild extremes, you’re also assured of a relaxing holiday where you’re almost guaranteed to see some sun and maybe even take a dip in the Bay of Naples. Check out the guide below for more information on Naples’ seasons to help you decide when will be the best time to pay the city a visit.

Quick Facts About Naples’ Climate

Warmest month: August with an average high of 31°C
Coldest month: December through to January with an average high of 13°C
Rainiest month: November with 11 rainy days and an average 140mm precipitation
Driest month: July with 3 rainy days and an average 30mm precipitation
Details On Naples’ Seasons

Many people consider that the ideal months for visiting the city are in April, May, September and October because of the moderate temperatures. But everyone’s needs differ, and not everyone is looking for a warm holiday under the sun — others prefer to travel when it’s colder. So read below for more specific details on what to expect during the city’s four seasons.


In this season you can expect some of the highest temperatures and brightest sun, and this is often paired with higher humidity so for some people the combination can be too sweltering and uncomfortable. Hot winds blowing across from Africa can also make the city feel even warmer than it actually is. The only benefit being that you will rarely experience rainfall visiting during the summer, and even then it will be a handful of brief thunderstorms. In June the average temperature runs from a low of 16°C through to a high of 26°C, followed by July’s low of 18°C through to a high of 29°C and August’s average low of 18°C through to a high of 30°C. You should pack mostly light clothing if visiting during these months, and also be sure to include some swimwear in case you decide to take advantage of the heat by getting in the water. It’s very unlikely that you’ll need any thick layers or clothes or gear to protect against rainfall.


Running from March to May, this is for many people the ideal time to visit Naples because it’s milder than the summer but not as cold as the lows sometimes seen in the autumn or winter. IN March you can expect an average low of 6°C and a high of 15°C, while in April the average low is 8°C and the high is 18°C, and in May the average low is 12°C and the high is 23°C. At the start of the season it will be colder and you can expect more chance of rain and winds that will make the temperatures dip. Later in the season things start to improve, making late April and most of May a great time for visiting Naples because it provides a truly great balance of warm temperature without too much humidity. This makes it ideal for exploring the city and beyond without having to worry about overheating or sunburn. If you’re coming in this season pack a good mix of light clothing for warm days as well as jackets and other warmer items for cold days. This way you will be prepared for any possible sudden swings in the weather.


Things start off warm in autumn in Naples, which runs from September to November, because the scorching heats of summer are still tapering off. But as this season progresses you can expect the temperatures to drop consistently. In September the average low is 15°C while the high is 26°C, which then drops in October for an average low of 12°C and high of 22°C, then finally another drop in November for an average low of 8°C and high of 17°C. During this season you will likely experience several rainy days and other unpleasant weather, so you should plan ahead by packing warm layers of clothing, jackets to prevent against the rain, and even an umbrella if the place you’re staying does not provide them. Still, it’s not all gloomy weather and you will see some sunny days. When the mild temperatures hit, autumn can actually provide some of the year’s nicest experiences of Naples’ climate.


As you might expect, winter in Naples, which runs from December through to February, is a fairly cold season. It’s also accompanied by a fair amount of rain, strong winds, and thunderstorms so if you’re visiting during this time you should definitely pack plenty of layers of clothing, outerwear like jackets to protect against the rain, umbrellas, and other things to keep you warm and dry. You might even see some snow during this season, so if you’re looking for bright sun and Mediterranean temperatures, you should not visit Naples during the winter. In November the average low dips to 8°C while the high reaches 17°C, followed in December by an average low of 5°C and a high of 14°C, and finally in January an average low of 4°C and a high of 13°C, so be prepared for some chilly days. And overnight sometimes the temperatures can plummet below the average lows, so also plan ahead for some very cold nights.